Friday, May 2, 2014

Stitch fix review #2 for MAY 2014

I am loving the stitch fix service. I love mail and I love clothes but hate shopping for them.  Its a win win.  This fix I asked for something to go with the cardigan I kept from the last fix and I asked for another dolman top.

The First item I pulled out was the dolman top I asked for.  It is called the Pomelo aleah v neak heathered dolman sleeve shirt.  That was a mouthful.  It was $48.  I really liked the color.  It might be slightly big around the neck but i think thats how its supposed to fit.  I'm thinking I'm keeping this one. 
Also pictured are some distressed boyfriend jeans.  When I saw stitch fix was sending me jeans I was like GOOD LUCK! LOL  I saw the price and was thinking there is no way these will fit so the price doesn't matter.  Well I pulled them out and laughed and said I'll try them on anyway.  Guess what? They freakin' fit.  Well, I was shocked to say the least.  When I try on pants I probably try on 30 pair before I find some that fit.  So, I'm seriously considering shelling out the $148 for these.  Stitch fix called these the Sold design lab - Christopher distressed boyfriend jean

Up next is the papermoon crissy spacedye cross-back knit shirt for $44.  I wasn't loving this shirt at first but I love the back.

What do you think? Should I keep it? 

The next shirt I hated.  It was the 41 Hawthorn bell chevron textured tie neck blouse.  I liked the material and the fact that it was girly and flowy  but I hated the neck tie park. It just felt 60's or something.  The stylist told me to pair it with the blue cardigan i got last month. I did but i don't think it goes.  What do you think? I tried it with a black one too.

sleeveless is not working for me!

Here it is with the black cardigan
 Here it is with the navy one from last month. I don't think it works because the cardigan is on the shorter side.

Finally was the Pixley amy bamboo enamel bangle set for $38. I wouldn't normally pay $38 for two bangles but since I was considering the jeans these and the above shirt were basically free if I kept all 5 items.  Do you think its weird they are slightly different? 

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