Monday, February 9, 2015

Quaker Oatmeal

I enjoyed this oatmeal.  In the past the instant oats even from quaker have had a funny aftertaste to me.  This didn't have that processed taste.  The oatmeal was quite good and I liked the extra slivers of almonds in it.  I have been looking on eating extra protein for breakfast so this is a nice option.  My only complaint is why did they have to add sugar to this.  I'm capable of adding sugar to my oatmeal if I need it.  We have been looking to buy items at the store lately with no added sugar.  Sugar is listed as the second ingredient.  That being said the oatmeal did not taste overly sweet.  I'm sure the kids will enjoy these instant oatmeal packs on mornings they need a quick breakfast.  As a disclaimer i did receive this product free to review from bzzagent.  #gotitfree   You can pick it up at Krogers.

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