Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Ordered a new bed and the makeover continues

Well, we are continuing with the bedroom makeover.  The painting is done.  We are going to still paint the doors though.

Here is the new paint. It looks more yellow on the computer but in real live its a light taupe. It is benjamin moore shaker beige.

We also measured for carpet today and will be having that installed.  I think adding new carpet will make the biggest difference.

don't you love the mauve?

We picked the sample on the right.  It is a smartstrand by Mohawk. It is sooo soft and supposed to be very stain resistant.  

We also just ordered a new bed. No photos of that yet since it hasn't been delivered.  We went with and icomfort bed from serta.  I have been having a lot of back pain so i'm hoping it will help with that.  The bed was more expensive than I wanted it to be but it felt amazing. I'm really hoping it will help with my back pain as well as my husbands snoring.  It has an adjustable frame that will put my husband at more of a tilt to sleep.  I'll try to leave a review on my blog after we try it out for a while since i couldn't find many reviews online from people who had not been gave the bed as a sample. 

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