Wednesday, April 1, 2015

options for bedroom end tables, night stands

These are a few pieces I've found that I've considered for our bedroom.  What do you think?

This is one option.  its not the exact same wood color but close and its similar style.  Not solid wood either and I think it was around $300.  Found this at Tuesday morning. This would be used as a tv stand

This is another option.  I really like how it doesnt match everything else in my room.  I feel like I could move it to another room later if need be.  Its a nice grey blue that would probably pick up that pop or turquoise i was thinking about.  This was around $500 which is a lot for a tv stand but I liked it.

This red one was from Kirklands and I liked it but I know reds are so hard to match and I thought it might stick out like a sore thumb in my room. 

This would probably be my husbands favorite.  Again not sure the woods exactly match but he is sad he didn't give me a fireplace in the new house. I'm ok with it honestly. This one has an electric fireplace and is around $1000.  It would fit directly across our bed in between the two closets. 

End tables were a nightmare to shop for but I found a few.

This first one is what I would consider the budget friendly model.  It was $179 but not really the greatest quality. 

This next one looks similar but costs more than double.  I think they were $460 each.  They were cedar lined...oh smelled soooo good and had outlets for electronics inside.

I also considered maybe trying to find something in that grey blue to match the tv stand above or distressing some old ones to try to match (probably impossible to match)  I currently don't have any nightstand because or old bedroom was too small to have them. 


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Hey Jen! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I have some thoughts on some pieces for you. shoot me an email to (this is typed in such a way that I don't get a ton of junk emails from spammers) ;)