Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Scrapbooking MEGA DEALS! and BLOG CANDY

So, I recently discovered a few websites that offer amazing scrapbook deals! I thought I would share them with the readers on my blog. Be prepared might want to hold onto your pocketbook!! k The first one is called This website offers one deal each day. When its gone its gone. They also over grab bags a couple times a year. I guess these grab bags are awesome and if you see one they sell out fast! The next one is called they have two deals each day and they change at 9am and 9pm mdt. Next up is They have a steal each day. I'm not sure if you can buy past deals on this site if they are still available. I haven't figured that out yet. FlowerstoFlourishes is next on the list. it another deal of the day. Crop chocolate is next. offers deals around the clock. You can add several items to your shopping cart over a few days. Check out before the deal expires for savings on shipping. Each item has a different number of days you can wait before checking out. I'm tired and hope that made a little sense...worked a ton today on little sleep....anyway check out their site its pretty cool! Be sure to scroll down two posts and post to win some blog candy! I've listed all these sites under my awesome links i can click on them with ease! found another...

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