Saturday, October 22, 2011

My Review of the Hello Thursday cartridges....

I think this is the best hello thursday in a year! :) I am in love with so many of the cartridges!

Christmas Wish (cricut imagine) is really cute. I like the color combo and it looks like there is bonus content on this one which we havent had on a pattern cartridge before. :)

Paper trimmings: i love borders! This is a must have for me!

Pet shop- I really like this. I have animal kingdom and zooballo already so not sure i need more animals but I really like it has a guinea pig and a cocker spaniel

Noah's abc animals... eh its ok. I think some of the 3D animals look funny. I know the kids would like it. The flat images look ok and I like that they included a font!

Go Canada! I shouldn't of looked at this one to write this review. I didn't want it til I looked at the look book! The images are so cute. I love the moose, igloo, beaver, coffee cup! :) I love that they included a font!

sweater weather - I can't see using this one really. the only thing I could see myself scrapbooking would be a ugly sweater party. a friend of mine had one a couple years ago and i thought it was so funny. everyone showed up in the ugliest holiday sweater they could find. a lot went to goodwill to find them. lol

Tis the season- creative memories cart. They made these images in such weird colors I think its turning me off. Its ok. I like the sayings they included on it. The snowflakes are nice but I don't need it.

santa's village for the imagine- must have. i love the old time vintage feel of this cart!

Ribbons and rosettes- this cartridge is top of my list. I flipping love it! I can see using it almost every time i craft!!

floral emporium. i will get this one eventually. i love florals.

stencil cart- not for me..

fast food- i can see making a lot of cards with this cartridge. I loved block party for the cool food. I haven't bought it yet so may get this one instead.

My top four; paper trimmings, ribbons and rosettes, santas village and Christmas wish.

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