Friday, September 17, 2010

Imagine is in the house!!

The new Cricut imagine is in the house! I'm so excited. I am actually updating it now and its going to take a few minutes.

So, here are some tips for those of you getting your imagines from HSN!

1. If you can have two people to get it out of the box--its a good thing. This thing is heavy.

2. turn it on and do the update before trying to put the ink in. I tried to put the ink in first but couldn't get the latches to open. This took forever before I figured out it had to turn it on and let it run through its start up first.

3. If you bought it from HSN there is a machine update on the nursery tails cartridge. Insert this cartridge before using your machine

4. before you cut anything calibrate your machine

5. Stock up on white paper!

6. Have fun!

Ok, so I've printed out two sheets today. I'll try my best to keep track of how much I print but no promised. So here are the sheets i've printed so far.

That last project looks so much better in person. I really didn't put it on the page crooked. I was trying to take the photo at an angle so you could see how 3d it is.

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