Sunday, July 18, 2010

Mission organization

So, since moving i'm trying to get my craft area set up just so. I've purged some stuff. It's slow. The other night I tried to organize just my finished scrapbooks. I haven't done the best about keeping them in chronological order. I finished my son's 3 books. I started a sibling book and put layouts of the two of them together. My daughters books are a mess though. I have her first year in order but she is 6 and has about 10 finished books. My son is only 4 and has 3 books. I need to catch up on some pictures of him... Anyway...

Tonight I started organizing my stamps and GASP....Unmounted some. I've thought about doing this for awhile but I just wasnt sure. I have these PSB binders that i've had forever and I was going to purge them when I tried to think of a use for them. They are now holding all my unmounted stamps. Most of them I bought unmounted with the cling already on them. Some I unmounted tonight. There were a few sets I left mounted..mostly my SU ones.

The inserts are Creative memories. I used to store stickers in them.

The stamps that have colored images I was able to peel the sticker off the front and put it on a paper and slide it in the envelope. This way I have a reference photo for how to color the image. I'm liking it so far. Maybe I'll be brave enough to do it with more stamps later.

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