Sunday, November 1, 2009

Lost tooth #3

This is a layout of my daughter kennedy showing off her 3rd lost tooth. Geesh these kids grow up too fast. My papers are all scenic route. I love that paper line! I used my cricut gypsy too on figuring out what title i wanted. Its nice to be able to preview the different fonts. The "lost" is base camp and the "tooth" and "3"are from stone script. Not sure which cartridge i pulled the "#" sign from but I was glad I had the gypsy to easily look for one.

I finally got my fabulous finds cartridge to sync. I cleaned it with alcohol on a qtip and that seemed to do the job. It was so frustrating. I also am submitting my rebate for the gypsy. They had a special if you bought one before 10/31 you would get two free solutions cartridges (i'm getting street sign and christmas noel), a free $100 credit (i think i'm going to get a childs year or hello kitty), and then bonus points. So I submitted my bonus points with some points I already had and I will be getting Don Juan and Tear drop! I'm going to be in cricut heaven with all my new cartridges to play with.
I also have hello kitty font coming that I won on ebay as well as Stand and salute. Stand and salute is one I probably wont use too often except for 4th of July. It was kind a oops. I thought I was bidding on a different cart on ebay so of course I won it! :) I can't win on any of the ones I'm actually trying to win. ugh....oh well. It was only $28 i think.

Hope you all had a great halloween!

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Jamie Lane said...

Your layout is adorbale and I love the colors! Your halloweeners are cute too!