Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Rude people suck!

Those of you that know me know I am one of the CRICUT's biggest fans. But my experience today left a bad taste in my mouth. Is it really so hard these days to give a little good customer service? SERIOUSLY?

I just got off the phone with PC. I explained I had not received my reward points and that my fab finds cartride wont link. I felt like the lady was yelling at me and was rude.

One their system is down for rewards so i'll have to just call back later. What?

two did I turn the cartridge around and try it the other way? DUH

Did i update my gypsy? Ugh I just got it this week. Yes, i have the latest update.

Well, you will have to send it in then for a new one.
Well, thats all fine and dandy but how do i know i'll actually get a new one back and it wont get lost in the shuffle and be gone forever or take 12 weeks to get back to me? I dunno. I was not happy with my customer service. I felt like a pain in the side rather than a customer.

Just my two cents

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