Friday, July 3, 2009

I actually won something!

I am not one that would consider myself lucky when it comes to contests or winning things. But guess what! I actually won something. Copic creations had a contest last week to use your copics and color something with "wood" in it. I did the cute whiff of joy boy holding a sign for fathers day. :) I love their challenges and hope you all will check them out. There is a link to their site in my sidebar.

Anyway...i know you all just want to know what i WON right!!??!? :)

I won FOUR yes I said FOUR new stamp sets from Unity!

You can click on Unity stamps website to see more of their stuff by clicking HERE

There is one with hot air balloons that I think I saw on one on Gina K's tv stamp videos that I've actually been wanting since i seen her video. She said That will be the next big thing next year kinda like owls were the big this this year. :)

I'm so excited that I won some new stamps! Thanks Unity stamps and thanks copic creations!! I really appreciate it!


KreatesKards said...

Congratulations on your awesome win.

Bethany said...

That is wonderful! Whoohoo! I am very excited for you! What stamps are you getting! I want to see!

Jennifer Stutzman said...

bethany you can see them on the copic creations website! :)