Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Why birchbox??? Why? April 2014

My birch box last month was awesome!  This one sucked!  I am not happy with it at all.  Most of these samples look like something I wouldn't of got free at a hotel. 
Obviously the best thing was the life style extra which was a kind bar.  I was hungry!  Don't judge!

The perfume was not to my taste at all.  I personally thought it smelled like something a man would wear.

The body wash-total hotel sample. smelled ok

Number 4 shampoo- really birchbox.  This bottle looked kinda dirty like it had been around for a long long time.  Shampoo with no conditioner?  Extra bad

The purple eyeliner is actually nice but I don't wear eyeliner daily.  I like that it is purple instead of black though. 

This is probably the worst Birchbox I have ever received.  I think I will give them another month though.  My last birch box was soo nice. 

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