Monday, April 16, 2012

Cricut Craft Room and the Imagine

I'm having some problems getting my imagine to work with cricut craft room. I can't get it to print and cut. I can get it to cut but not print at all. Its making me so frustrated. I posted a video on Youtube to show what is going on.
UPDATE: Well, i took my imagine over to our PC and hooked it up and it worked.

For some reason it WONT work on my LAPTOP!

This is beyond frustrating because I can't use my imagine on a regular basis on our PC because there is not room.

My husband does IT so he has also worked on this and can't get it to work. He uninstalled the drivers and /them. He called the software "buggy" lol

I can cut but not print/cut. I do have it on the print/cut option.

THIS IS THE ONLY THING I CAN THINK OF THAT IS DIFFERENT: When I installed everything on the PC it asked me to authorize the computer. It said I had 0/2 machines authorized. So, it makes me think my laptop isn't but I can't seem to get it to ask me on my laptop

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