Friday, April 6, 2012

Buccaneer pirate hats and advanced calibration


Today I cut out this pirate hat from the buccaneer cartridge for the cricut imagine. :) My cute model son likes pirate stuff!

Once you get your imagine machine calibrated try not to move it around a lot. It can get wonky. Since I moved mine I knew I needed to recalibrate it. It was cutting fine but on some of the images with thin borders you could tell it was off a little. So, I messed with advanced calibration today. There is a youtube video on it if you need help.

You can find it HERE

As you prints get closer to the bottom often it becomes a lot easier to notice...Look here:
WOW that was off a lot!

I went through and made small adjustments and printed out a small image til I was happy with it. As I printed them out I wrote the numbers down so I could compare.

Got it near perfect :)

To get to advanced calibration you need to go under settings and get to this screen

click on the blade to calibrate
Once you get to this screen above you need to hold in the top left hand button then push on start calibration.

that should take you to this screen where you can adjust if the cut line needs to go up or down, right or left. :)

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