Tuesday, September 21, 2010

More on the Cricut imagine!

I am just in love with this machine. I'm playing with it whenever I get a chance.

I just wanted to post a few more cuts I made.

This is from Nursery tails

After making something with nursery tails I wanted to try the IMgaine with some of my old cartridges.

This is from Rock Princess. I probably wouldn't of attempted it with so many colors. But the imgaine makes it easy.

And finally I had to try it out with paper puts. Not too happy with the colors I picked..but hey I'm the one that picked them so anyway.

I wanted to show you how small and tiny the imagine can cut! I cut the Happy birthday at 1 1/2.

i took a picture next to a pen to give you a better idea of the size.


hgregory8558 said...

I love all of your I cut! Very good projects. I am still working on some pics of my first cuts. I just got my "beast" last night!!


Cindy said...

Oh, man! I can see I need to get an Imagine really soon!! Very nice work!!


More Than Favors said...

Hey Jen found you thru the Cricut Circle Message Board :)

Cindy said...

Super cute cuts. Looks like you're loving your Imagine.