Saturday, August 14, 2010

Tinkerbell birthday Party

My daughter is turning 7. Today is her party. Here are a few things I made for the party using the tinkerbell cartridge.

The treat boxes are made using the pillow box cut from the Easter cartridge. I used my gypsy to hide the bunny and then added a filigree cut of tinkerbell on top. My 7 year old told me to cut and put everyones names on theirs but I was to lazy to do so!

The purple box is one of her gifts. I cut tinkerbell out at fit to page on the expression and did that. My 7 year old once again inspected my work and asked me if I messed up on tinkerbells eyes! LOL I said thats the best i could do kiddo!

The purple vinyl cut I put on the bathroom mirror just for todays party. :)

We are using tinkerbell plates, cups and tablecloths too. We are also having the green punch! Tink juice. Thanks for looking. Enjoy!

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