Sunday, August 15, 2010

challenge to actually use all my carts

So, I started this last year and never finished. So I am challenging myself to use all my cricut cartridges and post something on my blog using each and every one. I know i've used more of them than what is shown below but I never posted a project with it. So, I am going to go through and post more projects so i can cross them off my list. Anyone want to join me in this challenge?

1. A childs year
2. accent essentials DONE
3. all mixed up DONE
4. alphalicious DONE
5. animal kingdom DONE
6. ashlyn's alphabet
7. basecamp DONE
8. basketball
9. batman
10. blackletter DONE
11. cars DONE
12. chrismas noel
13. christmas cheer DONE
14. designers calendar
15. don juan DONE 8/17/10
16. doodlecharms DONE
17. disney princesses Dreams come true DONE
18. Easter 2010 DONE
19. Fabulous finds
20. French manor
21. from my kitchen DONE 8/17/10
22. George Basic shapg DONE
25. Gypsy font DONE
26. gypsy wanderingses DONE
23. Going places DONE
24. Graphically speakin done
27. Happily ever after – disney princesses DONE
28. Hello kitty font
29. hello kitty greetings DONE
30. Home Accents
31. Indie Art
32. Jasmine done
33. Joys of the Season
34. Jubilee
35. Lacy Labels DONE
36. Love Struck 2010 DONE
37. Makin the Grade
38. Mickey Font DONE
39. Mickey and Friends DONE
40. Mini monograms DONE
41. New arrival DONE
42. opposites attract DONE
43. paper doll dress up DONE
44. paper pups DONE
45. Plantin Schoolbook DONE
46. Disney -pooh and friends
47. Printing press DONE
48. Rock Princess DONE
49. Stamped
50. Stand and Salute
51. Stone Script DONE
52. Storybook DONE
53. Summer in Paris
54. Superman
55. Sweethearts DONE
56. tags, bags, boxes and More
57. tear drop
58. Tinker Bell & Friends DONE
59. Walk in my garden
60. wild card DONE
61. winter woodland
62. zooballo DONE
63. mothers day 2010
64. Street sign
65. nursery rhymes
66. shall we dance
67. Imagine best friends DONE
68. Imagine Lori Garden DONE
69. Imagine More
70. Imagine Nursery tails DONE
71. Imagine Kates Kitchen DONE
72. Smiley Cards
73. Mini monsters
74. Everyday Cricut DONE
75. Imagine Yummy DONE
76. Imagine Mr. Frosty
77. Imagine JT
78, Kate's abcs..i couldn't resist


Brens Designs said...

WOW! What a challenge. I really, really need to be in this one as I have a bunch that I have never used. I tend to reach for the same ones all the time. Best of Luck!

Enfys said...

Gosh, that's a lot of carts Jen. Good luck!
big hugs
Enfys x

L.B. said...

I love this idea. I am with you 100% Do old projects count??

Jennifer Stutzman said...

yes, old projects count. just proved you've used all your carts at least once!

Josie0602 said...

What a great idea! I think I will try to do this soon. I feel guilty about cartridges that I have bought and havent even used yet.

Amy said...

I'm totally in. Have to figure out how I want to post my list though. Greta job so far!

texaslady said...

Such a great idea, I want to do it.
Luckly I don't have as many cartridges as you do.