Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Two new products I tried last week that impressed me.

Rarely are there products that really impress me by their quality. There are a few though. The whole cricut invention knocked my socks of, the beauty of fancy pants paper, the texture of daisy bucket paper and now this...

There is a new adhesive i'm going to start using all the time. First a lil background on my adhesive use. I started off 10 years ago using those lil photo tabs. Ya know...peal the back off and stick it down and hope it stays. Meanwhile your table is cover with lil blue pieces. Then I switched to herma dots. LOVED it...but I would have to buy the new holder and everything every few times cause the ball on the end would get gunked up. CM...didn't stick that well. Switched to Herma tabs. Really liked there. My holder never got gunked up. Placement was somewhat of a problem but once I figured it out it was wonderful. Works really well actually. I tried one of the ATG guns at a craft event....ugh way to big for me. I'm scrapbooking not building a building with tools or something.

So, went to The memory zone the other day and picked up something new to try. I guess I was feeling adventurous or something. Anyway, I got this.

It is a Tape 'N' Roller Plus. I got the permanent kind and it said improved on it.

It has lil perforated tabs in it... The adhesive is really strong and the hold is awesome. It goes on really smooth and I have to say I give it 5 stars. It even has a lil cap on the end that is attached to protect the tape while you are not using it. :) its refillable too. The refills were about $6 and I think the hole this was $9-$10

The second product was the new EK success punches. I have been wanting a notebook punch forever!! I hadn't really seen them around here though. Well, I finally found one. Here is what they look like.

Its really kinda hard to see from the photos but these punches are really cool. They have a lil switch on them that will allow you to store them flat. Anyone with a lot of punches knows how much room these take up. These store so flat when I first say them in the package i though I was going to need another tool to use them in to make them crunch or something. So far I only have the one that makes it look like a notebook paper on the edge of your paper...but I plan on getting some more of the fun designs for cardmaking.


Bethany said...

ATG, Jen! Say it..ATG!!!! And I wish I had known you wanted a notebook paper punch...I bought mine ages ago and would have gotten one for you, too. :)

Beth said...

I already have 3 of the border punches! Love them!

Jennifer Stutzman said...

Beth which ones don you have?