Wednesday, June 17, 2009

what do you think?

So, i'm trying to figure out how I should best organize this blog. I've been tagging anything I do with the cricut just as "cricut" but I think I should further label it by cartridge. Good idea? then at a glance i can look back and see which cartridges I use the most and get ideas for that individual one. Hmmmmm Did I mention i counted them today for fun? yeah, I have to admit its a sickness. Guess how many I have? Leave a comment and let me know your guess!

In the mean time here is a layout i did quite a while ago when i first got my storybook cartridge. Will I miss the snow when I move to Tx? Maybe at Christmas time. How weird is it going to be on Christmas eve with no snow?

Dot you were close...I have 35 cartridges!! LOL :) Quite the collection yet I still want a few more. But those darn provo craft people keep coming out with more to tempt me!


KreatesKards said...

Label are so hard to decide on. I think using the cartridge name is a GREAT idea.

Dot said...

I try to use the cartridge name as a label, too. I'll guess that you have the same number of carts as me --- 33!

Jennifer Stutzman said...

Dot you are really close... :)