Monday, June 29, 2009

A nurse magnet i cut out today and exploring scal more

Well, I have been looking for more and more SCAL files over the last few days and starting folders to store them in. I have found some awesome blogs along the way and the cutest files! I got SCAL probably about a year ago but havent had much time to play with it other than fonts. So, its summer and I don't start working for another month...perfect time right?

So, I was sitting at home...kinda feeling sorry for myself today. We just fixed my husbands car and mine was in the shop today for an estimate. Turns out it had an additional problem. There not only was a hole in the exhaust but it was also leaking coolant fluid. Being that we paid off my car in April of course we would have a $1000 repair bill. UGH! Does it ever end? We have to get it fixed cause we are driving it to Texas here in a few weeks.

ANYWHO.... I checked my email and had an email from The scrapbook Lady who made a file for me per my request!! WOW! :) I was super happy and felt special and almost all was well with the world again. lol Takes very little to make this scrapbook girl happy. Wish my hubby understood the effect scrapbook supplies can have on the soul! :) lol

There is a link to her website in my side bar or you can click HERE

She makes some of the best SCAL files out there. Very smooth and easy cut files that still have detail but are not hard to cut.

So, anyway...i cut out this cute file of a nursing cap and title and made a magnet for our fridge. So now my husband will even know who is in charge!

If you haven't got SCAL yet what are you waiting for? Its awesome. Click here to go to the SCAL website.

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Beth said...

That is one cool magnet!!! Maybe you could make yourself a t-shirt with the same design using freezer paper.

I haven't dabbled with SCAL yet, but soooo tempted. I would first have to get my pc & cricut in the same room.

.charity. said...

Very cool magnet!

OCCricut said...

We too are having car issues ... I was HOPING my husband would take my car tomorrow so I'd have nothing to do but CRICUT!!!LOL Anyhoo... how sweet that a SCAL file showed up when you needed a little pick me up. LOVE your magnet ... Gotta get me SCAL ... as soon as the cars are fixed!!!! :0)