Friday, June 19, 2009

Canon Rebel XTi

So, i've had this camera almost a year and a half and I still feel like an idiot that doesnt know how to use it. As you all know I've had a heck of a time getting cards to turn out. Most of my other photos turn out fine...ya know the kind I take of people! lol I have two lenses that I use. I've come to the conclusion that I just don't have the right lens. I can see it now.
Me: honey, i need a new camera lens
him: why? Don't you have two?
Me: yes, but this one take pictures of cards
him: why would you want to take a picture of a card?
Me: uhmmm never mind.

lol but I need a good macro lens i think that doesnt require a tripod.

Right now I have the XTi which i got just the body...not the lens that comes with it.

To that I added a 28-80 mm lens and a 70-300mm lens. So, I think I'm missing that one that starts at 18mm and thats why i can't get up close enough for detail.

The first is a Tamron brand. It is AF28-80mm f/3.5 - 5.6 aspherical. This was the first lens i bought cause it was cheap and after buying the XTi body...well i just didn't have a lot. I'm not reading reviews about how some photographers use this in dangerous conditions (for nice lens) so they can just throw it away if damaged! YIKES. It was still around $60... oh well.
It does work nicely outside with general photos of the kids. I've been happy with it for general photos. Actually works nice inside too if the lighting is good. I only have the flash that was on the camera.

The next lens I have was a lot more expensive. I love what it can do except I have to use it with a tripod or its blurry. It is also a Tamron. It is AF 70-300mm ld di. I've really enjoyed this one. Tele Macro (1:2) . I really love this lens in general except for the camera shake. I've tried steadying my arm against my chest and holding my breath even while pushing the button but I still get the best with the tripod.

This is a photo I took with this lens and played with in photoshop. Not sure why they are so small. See my battle with technology? My my research continues! Any tips or suggestions from those more in the know would be great!

UPDATE: ok, seriously sometimes i wonder about myself! So, I was playing around with my camera while writing all this stuff.... Kinda perplexed about why my camera has been giving me trouble lately and I realize...hmmmm The hood is on. I used the hood to take some beach photos and well, its been on ever since. So i went and took a few photos with out it and my standard lens again. A lil better Its a small hood..only about an inch.
Do you think that would of made the difference. Here is without the hood

Here is with the hood:

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KreatesKards said...

Can't help you with the camera, I'm a "point and shoot" automatic set type of gal. I love my Cannon pocket camera ... does great distance, normal and close-up range.

Just wanted to say HI, enjoy your blog and the card is really nice.

Hope you get the camera all figured out.