Sunday, June 7, 2009

back to business

Well, its been a while since I have posted. That's because I've been busy busy busy. We are packing for a move across the country! We are moving from Indiana to Texas in July. I was also studying for my state boards for Nursing. I had to sit for the NCLEX and just found out last week that I passed and it was official....RN! as exciting as it was I also think it had to be the worst two days of my life. That test was designed to make you feel like an idiot...yup...thats my opinion. When i realized I actually passed I started to cry. It was quite emotional... I told my daughter that i was done with school and finally a nurse. She started jumping up and down saying "mommys a nurse...yeah" its was cute. She is my lil cheerleader!

I haven't been able to do much scrapbooking but I was able to squeeze in two cards. I like em
These are both made with the shy willow of whiff of joys new stamp line. Their summer release was sooo cute! Enjoy The sweet hello is a quickutz die called a paintchip. The brad on the right is by doodlebug.


.charity. said...

Wow..cross country, official band-aide placer, and a little cheerleader in the family! You've been busy AND blessed! ;)

Jenny said...

CONGRATULATIONS JEN!! for passing the NCLEX!! OH man, I soooooo envy you. I am so scared it's not even funny. So happy to hear you passed!! And heading to TX. Wow!! WHat is the job market like there? BAD here in Maine/East Coast, from what I can tell...