Tuesday, April 7, 2009

copic color challenge #7

This image of willow with cookies is so sweet. She makes me happy just looking at her. After all, who isn't happy with a plate of chocolate chip cookies? I did this for the copic color challenge. The challenge was to use these three copic colors. I didn't have all three so I used the copic colors I had that were the closest. The pinks were really hard to blend. I think I left out the brighter pink i used in the photo... oops. But I think I need an in between color. But i'm on a freeze until I find a job. :) I went a little crazy with the copics and stamps over the last month so I'm taking a break from that and using what I have. I have CTMH stamps of the month May, June, July and August coming plus a few Sarah Kay (my firsts). I should be good for a while. Well, i'm off to get ready for clinical. I only have 4 left. Pray that no mean nurses bite my head off tonight. It's only happened once and she did it before we were even introduced so i'm trying to not take it personally. That was a long night. :) Until next time....

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