Saturday, April 18, 2009

movie night

Ahhhhhh What a day. I had to take this test today called the ATI. It is basically a computerized test that predicts if we will pass our NCLEX (nursing state boards) test. The score tells you how likely you are to pass the boards on your first try. I got a 96% probability that I would pass on my first attemp. :) Yeahhhhh... That makes me happy. The test was kinda stressful cause if you don't pass you have to review and take it again... Fun times. It was 180 questions of fun! My eyes were starting to cross looking at that computer screen.

So, anyway. I think I deserve a break after that stress. So, no real time to make anything fun right now so I thought I would cheat again and show you all something I made a while ago.

This is a paint can (you can buy empty clean ones from home depot) that was decorated. You can use them as your gift bag. Its fun.

So the theme of this one is movie night. All the dies are from quickutz... I love my quickutz dies.

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